Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

Faerie Storie | Toronto Portrait Photographer

Not all Faerie’s fly around all glittery, like Tinkerbell.

Model: Paula Femme Fatale
Wardrobe: Model’s own
Make-up & Hair: by Model

All images Β© Ardean Peters


  1. All of these are stunning but the BW images really draw me in!
    This is an awesome session to feature for the coming month.

    Your work IS super-amazing!

    Thanks for all the feedback and tips regarding this template.
    I love your blog presentation so much more ~ very personable
    and I like the connectivity you’ve established when
    navigating through the different tabs ~~ especially
    the Welcome Blog on the top right
    and the follow through exit on the bottom right =)
    I’d like to hire you as my publicist to spruce up my blog!
    Quite lackluster in personality so thank goodness I have
    cute twin nephews to make up for the succinctness.

    You find the coolest β€˜apps’ ~ the β€˜’ link looks like fun.


    • Thank you Tru! That means a lot. The encouragement is needed πŸ™‚
      The 1st BW is also my fav.
      The ‘welcome’ tab was inspired by another blog, whose set-up I really liked. I thinking now, that i’ll pay for the Custom wordpress {$30} and learn some CSS so I can really customize the blog.
      Your blog is not lackluster at all! I’m just hiding behind bells & whistles!
      Can’t remember how I came across – probably a twitter link. I like it and realise it’s sortof like the gravatar page, but only prettier πŸ™‚


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