Ardean Peters: Toronto Photographer | People & Light

Abbas | Toronto Headshot & Portrait Photography

Abbas is sooo handsome. Actually, I think I told him he was ‘pretty’ during the session. What? Guys can be pretty too! Seriously though, looking at those brown eyes, certainly made my task easy! And it was a bit of a task. I think I’ve mentioned before, that I have a hard time ‘seeing’ and composing, if the ‘light’ isn’t right – and it was sketchy on this day. But we did have some nice pops of light, like in the shot of him sitting on the fire-escape, against the brick wall. LOVE that shot and a definite fav of the day. I think the tension was also completely broken at that point, due to an innocent ‘slip of the tongue’ – and we both started to relax into a rhythm. Abbas is an Actor in the Toronto Area. Like photography, it’s a tough and saturated field and you have to have a lot of talent coupled with fierce determination, to realise your dream. Thank you for coming out and helping me with these headshots Abbas. I look forward to seeing your name, when the credits roll 🙂


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