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Bonnie and Mike – You Are Loved | Toronto Engagement Photographer

I laughed SO much. Good thing I have steady enough hands that all the images didn’t come out blurry! Seriously, Bonnie and Mike were so much fun to photograph. They came out on a slightly cold day last month to help me out with some couple portraits. As Mike put it, he was ‘voluntold’! 🙂 They were awesome in front of the camera. And, Uh, Bonnie is gorgeous! What a natural beauty. So easy to photograph! I didn’t have to do anything but turn and snap! They were so good at relaxing and being themselves – which I love! I have so many favs from the day. Like the one where Bonnie is full-on laughing. I think that was when Mike was ‘being a goat’ and eating her hair!


  1. Willie Dingwall

    I am Bonnie’s mom and you have truly captured her and Mike this is the first I have seen them and they are truly beautiful. I am a bit biased. Bonnie is a natural and Mike is a character. I love them both dearly. Once Bonnie gets these I hope I get one of the two of them. Great job.


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