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Claire and Damien got married | Toronto Photographer

Why is it that although I spent the morning with the girls, I can’t put the right name to the right face (except for the moh), but after 5 mins with the guys, I remembered every last one of them? Well, whatever the reason, I know that Claire and Damien were supported on their big day, by not only an awesome bridal party but also by so many amazing friends and family. At the reception as much tears (of joy) as laughs were openly and genuinely shared by all. Oh, and did you check out Claire’s shoes?! She wore white DC Skate shoes! And Damien and their son Preston, wore matching black DC Skate shoes. How fun is that? It was a joy to be able to spend the day with them, documenting the start of their new life together. Congrats to you both!

I sortof love this image. A lot.

I caught them doing what appeared to be a chicken dance. Prepping for the reception, perhaps?

So beautiful!

Ready to go | The Girls & The Guys


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