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Back to the Streets

I’m working downtown for the summer. And despite my disdain for the GO Train, I’m excited that I’ll once again have the opportunity to do some ‘street photography’. Now my style is not what I call ‘real’ street photography. The real school of street photographers, apart from using film back in the day, were also shooting on wide angle or standard telephoto lenses (28mm to 50mm), which means that 1.You are either shooting ‘environmentally’ – meaning that you are composing and capturing a ‘scene’ (using a wider angle, which is also closer to how the human eye would see the scene) or 2. when shooting a subject, such as a person on the street (and you end up with a shot that fills the frame) – you had to be fairly close to them, to get the shot. Whereas my ‘style’ is to shoot with a tele-zoom up to 200-300mm in length, which allows me to be far away and shoot more anonymously (to my subject), but is rather the cowardly way (I think)(and also compresses the image/scene). But, I’ll work on that 🙂 >>> click on the images to view larger!

n.b. Canon 50D with a 50mm f1.4 lens (effectively 80mm)


    • Yes finally! Funny thing, I didn’t see the ‘img’ tag until I changed templates and then changed it back to this one! Thanks for the help 🙂

      Thanks. I got lucky that day. Good light and ‘scenes’. 🙂

      Yes, go out! I wanna see what you shoot!


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