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Sandy and Richard | Toronto Photographer

My friend Sandy is getting married to Richard. Sandy is awesome and so I know Richard is too. How do I know Sandy is awesome? Where do I even start? Well, it goes back to my sister waiting for her condo to be finished and us finding a group on facebook for the people who had bought units in her building. I think Sandy was either the creator of the group or just very vocal in it 🙂 I joined the group for my sister and yada, yada, yada, (ya, I’m pulling a Seinfeld), I connected with Sandy. From then on out, I have been blessed to have found not only a friend, but a true supporter and believer – in me! Sandy has ALWAYS encouraged me and praised my photography (even when I wasn’t feeling it was praise-worthy). She hired me to take photos of her then new kitten (hi Simon!) and photos at her dad’s old house. I can’t express how much she is always cheering me on and offering support and kind words – in EVERYTHING I do. It makes me almost sad, because she – who was a total stranger to start – has so much belief in me, while I still have days that I doubt myself (I think all artists do). So below are the images from their engagement session at U of T campus Toronto. I’m a little late in posting – as their wedding is just under 4 weeks away! They’ll be having their ceremony at the lovely Berkeley Church in Toronto. I’ve been there twice now, so hopefully that will calm my nerves when it comes to their big day. Yes nerves! If there is a wedding that I want the photography and events to go as smooth as it possibly can, it’s their’s! I know though that with Sandy and Richard in front of my lens again and with all the lovely people who Sandy attracts to herself, that it will be an awesome experience.

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This one, is my absolute fav. Sandy you are beautiful – inside & out!

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