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What defines me?

‘Who Am I?’. A question I ask myself a lot.
I realise I am still – still – trying to figure that out.

Yesterday I attended a funeral for my cousins’ mother. A life gone, a ceremony of remembrance. Tears and sadness and laughter too. It makes you think. They read her eulogy, describing who she was, what she’d done in life and re-counted anecdotes of her life. An attempt at giving those in attendance that only knew her in maybe one respect, a fuller view of who she was. That intrigued me. I asked my sister to eulogize me. She wouldn’t, I think because she thought it was morbid. But, I really wanna know what would be said about me. I want to know what my friends and family think about me; how they see me. Am I a good person in their eyes? Have I been a good friend? Sibling? Daughter? Do I live up to their expectations even? I don’t know, but I would really like to, in hopes that it will give me some insight into myself.

Okay. So I’m putting myself out there. See that poll over there to the right? I’m gonna ask all my friends and people who know me personally to do me a favour and enter their answers. I wrote some example ones above, but you can go ahead and check the ‘Other’ box and fill what you think. Okay, GO!

And because posts like to have pictures… Here’s one from a fun session last December, because laughter is awesome πŸ™‚

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters


  1. Ardean – there are NO WORDS in the world to describe the amazing heart of gold that you have! You are the most patient, giving, loving, and kind person that i have EVER MET. You make people shine because you shine too!! Talented and beautiful!! Truly the most amazing heart EVER. LOVE YOU MY SISTER FRIEND!!! *big hugs*


    • Aww Rochelle! You always have such kind words for me. You are an awesome friend, with maybe some rose coloured glasses – lol! But thank you! I’ll take these words to heart πŸ™‚ Love you too πŸ™‚


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