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Clarity and a Boudoir-esque not-Fashion, Portrait shoot | Toronto Photographer

I woke up with a feeling of clarity. You know those moments when everything seems to make sense? Ya, one of those moments. Those moments are good. And I think it’s very important to pay attention when those moments come around and to act, if at all possible. I think that clarity is real and it’s a gift and when you don’t act, you know what happens, all of a sudden it’s gone and you’re left feeling a little bit perplexed and wondering. So, acting on my clarity, I decided to post this blog. Lol. 🙂

Now this is a shoot that I did a few months ago. It’s with a model that I had connected with a few years ago actually. She’s from Montreal and is stunning. But even better, she is a really nice and genuine person. So she was in Toronto and asked if I would like to shoot. And I said yes! Now here’s the thing. I am not a ‘Fashion Photographer’. I know this. I have tried on occasion and on those occasions, I failed. Lol. I don’t ‘see’ Fashion. I don’t know how to direct for Fashion. It’s not an interest for me. I love fashion, but to photograph it, is not an interest. So, I felt a little bit intimidated because she has such beautiful images of her work, that she has produced. So I thought, ‘Hmm…what can I do?’. But I said you know what, I’ll try. She had suggested that we shoot in her hotel, because she was visiting Toronto and had her hotel room at her disposal along with some wardrobe. So we met up one evening and again, this is also outside of my realm, because it was night and it was not in studio. I don’t typically shoot in those conditions. Typically I shoot with natural light and in the daytime and if not, then a studio setting. So again, outside of my realm, but it was good because it forced me to think. It was a great exercise for that. So, I arrived at the hotel and she showed me the wardrobe she had – some lingerie pieces. Again, outside my realm. And now the task was figuring out how to shoot. She had some ideas of what she wanted to do for some of the shots but then it was up to me to figure out how to light it and how to compose it. I do have to say that I am pleased with the outcome. I think because, at every step I was thinking and I was working to figure out how to light and shoot, forced me to be more creative. So I definitely enjoyed it and I would do it again. The images that we produced, taking into account that this is the end of the day and we had both worked full days already (and kudos to her that she looks so amazing), and didn’t start shooting until after 8pm, were all shot with a one light set-up. So very simple. But because I had such a beautiful and experienced model to work with, we were able to create some fun images. Take a look.

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters


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