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That time we ate Apricots | Toronto Photographer

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Larissa Benfey (click) , Actress, Model, lover of dried apricots! Yes, we did find out that fact, during this particular photo-shoot, when I broke out some snacks, including dried apricots. So this shoot we did earlier this year. I had so much fun with Larissa. She was totally amazing, just non-stop fun and laughter. So easy going! I don’t know what else to say, cause I’m just going to keep saying ‘um’ a lot. So this is a typical shoot for me. You know how I love light. So, I’m noticing that my style has definitely changed in the past year; this is the style I’ve moved into. And it’s really a style that I feel that is really clean and simple. And it just focuses on the person and is all about the light πŸ™‚

Technical details: You know me, I shoot pretty much, 90% of the time with my 85mm f1.8 Canon lens. I’ve never used the f1.2, which is the L version of that lens, but I love the f1.8. It’s super sharp and I do typically shoot wide open, which means I shoot at an f1.8. Maybe I’ll push it up to a f2.2, if I remember to. But I typically shoot at f1.8. I just love shooting wide open. It’s just the way I see. And then everything is super bright and clean and pretty and things fall off and there’s stuff called ‘DOF’ and all that kind of jazz. I do also enjoy shooting with ‘light light’; with a lighting system, because there is also a challenge involved with that; in terms of how to balance your light and getting the right light ratios, etc. But with natural light, there is just something special about it. So this shoot is just shot, typically backlit and I do my trick of exposing for the front and blowing out the back and I get this beautiful clean background and a nicely exposed photo and everything’s all good in the hood. But anyway, I’m just rambling now. Take a look at the pictures. I hope you enjoy them. And until next time – bye! πŸ™‚

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer Ardean Peters

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