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I Know What I Did Last Summer | Toronto Photographer

I photographed a lot of awesome people. I had access to an awesome studio space last summer. Awesome because it had great natural light. You know I love light! And I learned how to use in that space. Every space is different. How the light enters, bounces, refracts, falls off. I loved that with this light I was able to create such pretty and clean images which have become my hallmark now. And which totally suit my subjects, who are all amazingly fun and genuine people, which this clean pretty light highlights so well. So this summer, I’m still shooting. A few things actually. That project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago is in full swing and I’m so happy to say that I’ve been receiving tons of positive feedback. Yay #teamnatural! I also want to continue doing portraits, so if you’re looking for new headshots or portraits or a profile shots to be done, hit me up. We’ll have fun and make some cool pics. And if you couldn’t tell, I had the AWESOME-EST time on this shoot. She a beautiful and cool person. One of the reasons I love photography 🙂

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer - Ardean PetersToronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters


  1. Beautiful work… and i love that you’re doing what you do best… you’re such an great photographer…. always capturing awesome moments 🙂 Cant wait to see how the natural hair project goes!! #excited

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  2. Nelson

    So far I have never done portrait with someone but I am sure that the relation during the shoot must greatly influence the results …….. you clearly see her that both were having fun because you captured her beautiful and natural smile

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