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But I really need to re-pot those plants…

“I don’t wanna start and be doing ‘it’ wrong.” Who else here is a great procrastinator? Stand up! And get to work! #talkingtomyself #peptalktomyself

This article – The 80/20 Rule and Listening to Your Inner Procrastinator – is SOOOOO me. I do not like doing things unless I know that I can do them/know how to do it and that I know exactly what the outcome will be, from the beginning. And when I’m not sure, I simply don’t start. I’d rather find other things to do. Things that could be done at anytime, but that conveniently become more engaging when I have that one thing that I really need to get done. I am a master procrastinator. But I need to STOP that. I need to be okay with making mistakes. Or even more importantly, it’s not that I’m afraid of making mistakes – who doesn’t? That is part of life. I think it’s more so that I don’t like knowing that starting, I don’t know exactly what I’m doing and I’m guaranteed to make a mistake. I hate that. I hate the feeling of knowing, that just in starting, I might not be doing it right and I really really want to find out how to do it right before starting (which can’t always be) – but I have to accept, that you can’t always know the ‘right’ way to do something before you start. You just gotta try it and be okay if it’s wrong. Right? Right! So let me stop procrastinating (ya, even this blog post was a part of the procrastination), and get to doing that one thing I really need to do, but that I’m scared (that’s okay!) to start – because I will likely make a mistake, but that’s okay – I can fix it and then keep going!


  1. I love that you said “I’m scared (that’s okay!) to start – because I will likely make a mistake, but that’s okay – I can fix it and then keep going!” I agree with you – we all feel that way at times, but those who start , even if they feel unsure, are much more likely to finish 😀 If you never start, you’ll never finish, right? So just take it one step at a time… that’s what i do. Remember you’re on a journey. One step at a time ❤


    • That is what I have been learning Rochelle and witnessing and endeavour to put into practice more and more – that the people that get things done – just start regardless. I’m getting better!


    • Lol Lynne! Yes, ‘Just Do It’. That’s sortof what I say to myself now. I’ll be doing something – say, writing and email and instead of procrastinating on trying to word it even better – which can mean I don’t send it until much later – I say, heck, that’s not bad and send it off! It’s hard… but I’m getting better at just doing it 🙂


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