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August Long weekend and I’m staying in | Toronto Photographer

Yup. Staying in. But with a plan and a purpose.
Along with some client editing I have a mighty organizational focus preparedness plan to execute. That was a mouthful.
I’m going to take this weekend to get super organized by getting my social media schedule in place, so I can connect with cool peeps in Toronto, by leveraging some cool time-saving on-line tools like and Why you ask? Well, now that I’ve really drilled down and determined what I really want to focus on in photography (Portraits! Although I guess that has always been really obvious…), I want to actually make the next step and take this to the level where I’m booking clients on a steady enough basis to transition to this being my full-time gig. THAT would be so awesome. Not sitting at a desk all day – well no, I’d still be sitting at a desk – but sitting at a desk working from home AND ideally shooting regularly through the week, doing something I love, would be AMAZING! So, that means I gotta put some back-end work in and get some ish done to facilitate this plan. So to that end, I’m off to start executing my plan, drink a smoothie (did I mention I’m also going to attempt a month of smoothies? That might be another post…) and if you feel like helping me along go follow me on twitter or instagram or facebook and if you’re in Toronto feel free to click here to contact me & book a Profile or Headshot session. Ooh and, let me know what you did this weekend in the comments below! It’s gotta be more interesting than what I’m doing 🙂

And here is a sneak peek of a session I did at the Toronto Brickworks. Such an awesome semi-hidden gem in Toronto. A little hard to get to if you’re not driving, but a really cool spot.
Headshots Toronto


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