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No, not that weekend. This past weekend, which was a good one. I got a lot done, starting Friday night with the continued editing of my Hair Portrait series. A lot of work and I hope to finish getting through it this week. Then on to lot’s of errands on Sunday: Ikea, groceries, Walmart and then around the house stuff. Actually, I made it in and out of Ikea, staying on track. Pretty proud of myself, cause you know Ikea is like the Bermuda triangle of house decorating purchases. You can disappear into the Marketplace and not be seen for months! Saturday, I had an awesome portrait session with the lovely being below. This is just a quick sneak peek. Maybe it’s worth while to note that apart from adjusting exposure, highlights/shadows, colour, that this is otherwise un-retouched. Beautiful person both outside and in. And super nice. Everyone I photograph is super nice. I’m pretty lucky. How was your weekend? Do anything fun? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters


    • And green is my fav colour! Oh so cool, you went to Ikea too. It’s one of my favourite places. I would sometimes just go there to walk around when I wasn’t in a great mood. I love interior design – especially Scandinavian/clean design styles. I didn’t ended up loving all my purchases once I got home (didn’t look as I thought), so I’ll be making a return trip this weekend to exchange some items 🙂


  1. Nelson

    Last week-end I tried my new variable ND filter that I just got the day before ……… well the results were less than conclusive. I will need more trials/errors before getting some good results

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