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Change Your Perspective

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“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”
– Mother Teresa

A friend posted something on facebook and tagged me on it (as friends are wont to do 🙂 ) and it was in regards to remembering perspective. That, how you view something in this moment, can and will change in the next moment. And that sometimes you simply have to put something down and then think about it again. Today I walked into work and while standing on University, waiting to cross over Queen, I noticed some light. I couldn’t resist, so instead of continuing my walk south on University, I crossed to the middle of University and Queen and shot the light. Then I walked down the middle University and was taken aback at how ‘different’ it looked. I was looking at my regular morning walk, from a different perspective and appreciating it more. Pretty cool huh?


    • Ardean Peters

      You are so so right Elizabeth! I often think that, when looking back on times that I’ve been sad and depressed and how in those times, nothing seems as if it will change – but yet, in an instant, luck can turn and you are looking at things with positive eyes.


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