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“When I grow up I wanna be happy.”

Doesn’t that sound simple?
And I think it’s true. The crux of what we all want, going back to when we were children.
As a child, you lived entirely in the moment. You were either happy or sad and generally you were trying to do something that made you happy. Run. Play. Jump. Eat. And if someone (a caring parent or friend) got in the way – you didn’t comprehend the why (that maybe you were about to run into the road and get hurt), you just knew they were getting in the way of your happiness. Everything was present tense then. You didn’t think about yesterday or tomorrow, which is why while having a tantrum, your mom promising you, you’d get an ice-cream tomorrow had no consolation for you. You needed it now to be happy. And then we grew up and became aware of past and future and stopped always living in the moment. Stressing about what might happen next week. And remembering what we did wrong last week (that we can’t change) and we became less happy. I say, let’s work on living in the now more and being happy more. “Yesterday’s the past, tomorrow’s the future, but today is a gift. That’s why it’s called the present.” Let’s give ourselves a gift and be happy, today.

When i grow up I wanna be happy quote motivation simplicity 2

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