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Hello October. Let’s Get Psyched Up!


Sometimes you have to psych yourself up. I haven’t ridden my bike or done any physical activity of consequence in 2 weeks. Did you hear me? TWO WEEKS!! That’s crazy. What’s crazier though, is how easy it is to fall out of routine and let a new routine take over. That happened to me, through no fault or intention of my own – but it happened. And now I’m sitting here, editing, getting stuff done and thinking about how I’m going to eat dinner soon and after I eat dinner, go for a bike ride. The action begins first in your mind. You almost don’t realise that you’re thinking, “don’t move, don’t move, don’t move, just sit here” until a eureka thought pops in and says, “it’s time to get off your ass and move!”. Maybe it’s because it’s the first of the month. Hello October! And with that, another feeling of re-starting. 31 days to get it done. This month will be good. Because I said it. Because I thought it and will keep thinking it and then action-ing it. Because action is way better than in-action. Hello October, let’s do this.
Hello October Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

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