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Barn’s Burnt Down… Now I Can See the Moon | Toronto Photographer

I missed the Supermoon last Sunday night, as most of us in the immediate Toronto area did. It was overcast and we just had no visibility. I know, ’cause I went out driving around in my car hoping for a shot from a highway overpass with a good clear view, but no luck. But there were good views north of the city and west in Hamilton as captured here by Anita Thomas at Urbanmoon Photography. I really love the moon. Did I mention that? Like it literally takes my breath away. When I see it rising and it’s just HUGE and beautiful, it’s such a reminder that we’re just on a rock and there’s other stuff out there. I want to try and start photographing it. Oh man. Did I just say that out loud? Yes, I’m putting it out there. And this is just for me. Just because I love it. I’m hoping that I will do it. To help me achieve this I’ve 1. marked my calendar with the Moon phases in Toronto, for the rest of the month and 2. I’m going to travel with my tripod, back-up camera (the Canon 50D) and my 55-250mm lens in the car with me. That way, I’ll never have an excuse to say I can’t get the shot. The image below was shot this morning through my apartment window, just before 8am. I happened to look out and see that the moon was still up. So I decided to try for a shot. This was shot at 1/13, f32 iso 400 and 250mm focal length (approx 400mm with the crop sensor factored in). I’m excited to see how much better a quality of image I’ll be able to achieve on the next full moon, shot outdoor when the moon is rising and much larger in the sky.

And the quote which is the title of this blog post, I’ve loved for so long. It’s by a Japanese Poet and Samurai.
Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

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