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Things to do while waiting for the train to pass | Toronto Photographer

Take pictures and make a short timelapse of the train passing. I was on my way back from my morning Family Mini Shoot sessions at High Park and took what I thought would be a short cut on Junction Rd. But the train came an it was good. It forced me to wait and just be for awhile. And my sessions at the park? Well, they were awesome! I love hanging with families and making great pictures. Such a great combo. I even had some time to take a mini nature walk and take some throwback style nature photos, that I used to do when I first started shooting. ‘Twas a good morning.

Toronto Photographer - Ardean Peters

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    • Ardean Peters

      Thanks Michelle! I saw yours on instagram! Makes me think I should take a trip to graffiti alley. I did a shoot there years ago 🙂


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