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Ardean get’s fit

I really really need to get healthy and in shape. I’ve let myself go too far. Eating far too much junk food (sugar addict!) and not doing any real physical activity, plus a condition that is exacerbated by excess weight. Sooo…. I thought, “It’s the beginning of September, and 6 months to my Birthday – why not set a goal to get fit by my birthday?” So I’ve set a goal to lose 60lbs in 6 months. I need a ‘target’ which I can track, which is why I set a numerical/weight goal. And 10lbs a month is reasonable; if I stay consistent and eat well 🙂

Below will be my template update for daily blog posts. Daily? Yes – daily! That way I can keep myself reminded of my goal. Will I do a youtube vlog to go along with this? I dunno….

But here is a video from 2 years ago of me being silly and dancing while setting up for a photo-shoot. I was about 180lbs here (45lbs lighter than now!) 😉

Meal 1 – Time: – x cals
Meal 2 – Time: – x cals
Meal 3 – Time: – x cals
Meal 4 – Time: – x cals
Meal 5 – Time: – x cals
Meal 6 – Time: – x cals
Total Cals: xxx cals

Cardio 1: – x mins
Cardio 2: – x mins
Cardio 3: walking home from – x mins

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