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Day 2 – The day in which I no longer want to move

I was sooooooooo pooped by the end of class today that I could barely walk. I went to a store to pick up some toothpaste and they had stairs to get to the 2nd floor. I couldn’t. The cashier actually ran up to check for the toothpaste for me. That’s how beat I looked.

I walked to work as usual. That is my one saving grace. A 45min walk (slow) into work everyday. I was asked to do something just as I was getting ready to leave work, so I had to rush to make it to the 5pm class. I got there in the middle of the warm-up. So this class was a ‘Street Dance’ class. Different from a regular Group Ex class, because the instructor is a dancer/choreographer and they teach you a dance they’ve made up. It’s SO MUCH FUN! If you love to dance, it’s definitely a class to try. And don’t get discouraged. The 1st class I went to – it was horrible! To my defence, he’d been teaching the choreo for 3-4 weeks already, so I had no clue what was going on. But this weeks class, was only the 2nd day of the new choreo – so I didn’t do too bad in keeping up. I found that I got about half the dance down. No, in no way did I look ‘good’ doing it, I’m sure. But I don’t care about that. I just love to dance. So that’s why it’s fun. And I SWEAT! I find it when I’m this de-conditioned, interesting to see what I can/can’t do – compared to when I used to be extremely fit and teaching 3 classes a day. In this class in particular, it’s just hard to ‘move’ as fast as I need to to keep up. But I do what I can, ’cause I know that every week I will get better.

Morning Weight: 221.5

Breakfast Smoothie
2 banana-160
1 cup fruit-60
2 cup almond milk-180

Granola bar-220

Roast beef-200

Gummy worms (5pcs=160)-640

Cardio 1: – walk to work 45mins
Cardio 2: – Street Dance class – 55mins

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