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Body Attack will kill you – Day 3

Today (speaking in the past tense now, as I never finished this post last week), was a great class. I enjoyed it immensely. I worked hard, while trying to keep it at a moderate level.

Fast forward to today – a week later. And like the title says, Body Attack WILL kill you. I jest. Mostly. I really did enjoy that class last week. But, I got a little too excited and ran (they do this thing where the participants run in a circle around the room and *usually* I just jog lightly in the corner, ’cause I’ve never been a ‘runner’ and always avoid it). But I was all hype and I ran. By the end of class my knee was feeling it. And for the rest of that week I was limping around, wearing my knee brace, icing my knee. And I haven’t been to the gym since. It’s finally starting to feel better. So I’m continuing to rest it this week and will get back into the gym next week. Sad face. Sad face.

And I should mention, my neck also has been giving me issues. The right side was sore for probably a month – but then got really tight over the weekend. Monday, I was in pain and I had to take muscle relaxants just for relief. I hope it’s just a minor pull or tightness. Maannn…. this ‘getting old’ thing…

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